"From the beginning, I have learned A LOT in the past couple of months that I have worked with Kelton and Jill. They have taught me a plethora of skills and techniques to help me sleep, to do the intense workouts, and to help me lose weight. I learned so many things from my health coaches and I have become a better person because of it. I can't thank them enough for the things that they introduced in my life that I consider life-changing. They have been there during hard times and helped me get through it all. They are some of the nicest, kindest, and most amazing people that I've ever met." -M.R.

"Over the past several years, I have had the honor of meeting Jill and understanding the way she specializes. I have approached her with a variety of hard-to-treat and complex injuries that require careful instruction. In a vast majority of cases, I have walked away from these situations pain-free.Jill not only demonstrates a strong passion, competency, and dedication as a DPT, moreover, she is a truly gifted leader, professional, and strong asset to the field.


As a natural problem-solver and possessing a forward-thinking mindset, Jill adapts strategies to preemptively address other problem areas before they later become more difficult to treat. Furthermore, Jill is inherently gifted as a life-coach: calm, compassionate, caring, friendly, positive, reassuring and possesses a warm and infectious spirit that instills a healthy mindset into the clients she works with. Additionally, Jill is an expert at communicating that takes the time to listen and not only explains "how" a specific exercise is performed, but arguably most important "why", which keeps you focused on why the exercises she orders for you are beneficial. Since Jill adopts an individualized strategy for each patient, she seeks to make the most of each and every visit - which speeds up recovery time!


Let's face it, physical therapy is hard work. However, if you want a physical therapist that provides expert instruction, keeps you in a positive mindset, helps free you from the vicious cycle of bad compensatory habits your body uses to adapt, and helps to overall reduce (or eliminate) sources of pain, Jill is arguably on of the best physical therapist in the area." -Z.W.

"Jill is an amazing physical therapist! She helped me tremendously overcome neck pain, numbness in my hands, and got me back into practicing normally as a physical therapist, as well as performing CrossFit!  The convenience of having her come to my home was amazing and her manual physical therapy skills are excellent. I would highly recommend her to anyone." -M.F.

"Rock climbing is a very important part of my life, my husband and I met climbing and all of our time off is spent participating in this sport. When I developed pain in my elbows that prevented me from climbing, I panicked.  I had never had an injury that lasted this long before from climbing.  A friend referred me to Jill and I was back climbing in couple weeks. When I hurt my back exercising a couple months later, she was the first person I called, and even though I wasn't in town, she offered to give me advice over the phone or through email. She is a wonderful resource and the first person I go to for injuries." -M.J.

"I received Physical Therapy care from Jill to seek some further follow-up treatment on a shoulder surgery I underwent six years ago. I had a strong recovery but I needed some help overcoming some compensations that I had developed. Jill was very attentive and helpful in treating me over the winter holidays. She was very detailed in providing a home care plan as well as manual therapy. I would recommend her to anyone looking to tune up their old injuries." -P.P.

"Jill is a great PT and really knows her stuff. She is always on time and always does great work.  You will leave each session feeling better than you did upon your arrival.  She helped me to recover much faster than I anticipated, getting me back into my normal routine in no time.  Finding a good PT who has a flexible schedule is not always easy, I will use Jill and Kelton for any future PT needs that may arise!" -M.O.

"My husband and I have know Jill for a year and a half.. she has helped us both tremendously! With her help we have recovered from major back surgery, disc herniation, knee pain, and neck pain.  She can zero in quickly with her techniques and treatments and develops great home exercise programs. She is an expert in her field. Jill is not only professional but smart, kind, and a beautiful person- and now a friend. We feel grateful having someone with so much expertise be with us during our older years as we work to maintain our healthy lifestyle." -M.H.

"Jill worked with my 10-year-old son and my 13-year-old daughter for a "hip weakness" condition that runs in our family.  They LOVED working with her because she made every PT session fun for them. Through physical therapy with Jill, my kids went from having chronic hip pain and/or weakness to being pain free and strong enough to continue with their active lives (sports and dance).  She taught both of my kids how to prevent injuries and how to manage the tightness and pain that comes and goes with their condition. I feel like Jill went above and beyond for our family.  If we ever have a need for physical therapy...Jill will be the first call we make!" -A.S.

"Thanks for getting me fixed up and for teaching me how to gain strength and improve so I can continue to enjoy my sport." -E.C.

We can't wait to start helping YOU reach YOUR goals!

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