Physical Therapy

At Full Potential Consulting, we offer a wide-variety of physical therapy services customized to your symptoms and goals which may include:

Manual Therapy: Or the "hands-on" portion of treatment to reduce pain, restore alignment, and improve joint and muscle function.

Therapeutic Exercise: Your individual exercise program designed to reduce pain, improve function, and appropriately lengthen or strengthen muscles.

Motor Control Training: Works to change and restore the movement patterns that have created your pain by re-training your brain how to move. (Examples: Posture, Walking/Running, and Functional Daily Activities.)

Associative Awareness Technique: Addresses the Central Nervous System (CNS) and its influence on pain, stress, and anxiety. By working to create homeostasis in your CNS, find how you are able to reduce pain, anxiety, and release chronic physical and emotional habits perpetuating your pain cycles!

(Note: Developed by Scott Musgrave, MSPT. See for more information).

Session Cost:

In-our home (Hays, KS):
45 minutes/60 minutes

In your home <10 miles:
45 minutes/60 minutes

In your home >10 miles:
45 minutes/60 minutes


*Note to clients*

Physical Therapy is a highly-valuable treatment! We have invested significant time and commitment as well as personal financial investment into our education and skills in order to provide care to you. However, we also believe that ALL clients deserve high-quality care to help them reach their goals. Therefore, if you have any financial restrictions to receiving care, please include in your e-mail. We are willing to work with you in order to create a plan for care and payment plan that will allow you to receive the care you need!

We can't wait to start helping YOU reach YOUR goals!

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