Educational Classes

At Full Potential Consulting, educational classes are designed specifically for you and your group's needs.

Create a class for your child's team on injury prevention, setup a group exercise class to learn about balance/fall prevention, or host a class for your company about posture and ergonomics!


The possibilities are endless!

Classes range from 30-90 minutes and $15-$25/person based on time, content, and distance to travel.

Get a Quote for a Custom Class:

Examples of Custom Educational Classes

- Balance Training and Fall Prevention

- Nutrition for Anxiety and Depression

- Pre- and Post- Partum Exercise for Stability/Posture

- Nutrition for Athletic Performance

- Sports Injury Prevention

- Posture and Ergonomics: Reducing daily aches and   pains

- Nutrition for Osteoporosis Prevention

- Dynamic Stretching and Warm-ups for Teams

- Nutrition for Weight Management and Maximizing   Energy

We can't wait to start helping YOU reach YOUR goals!

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